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Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme 2018 For Doctoral Research | Double Scholarships

Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme

Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme 2018

Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme 2018 Details are available on this page. Check the information such as prime Minister Fellowship Salary. Prime Minister Fellowship amount. This PM Fellowship 2018 is very useful for the Ph.D. Students in India. So, recently, the Central Government of India announced Prime Minister Fellowship for Ph.D. students. This Fellowship for Ph.D. students in India is going to benefits many students in the Country. And the Government of India is taking all the necessary steps so that all the candidates who are eligible will get the benefits of this Doctoral Fellowship for Ph.D. students in India. Accordingly, this Ph.D. fellowship in India 2018 will help all those students who are in need of the Government support to continue or to finish their research. Through this Sarkari Yojana, the Government of India is hoping to encourage more scholars to finish their research.

So that they can grow personally, and can help the country. Now, this is one of the best initiatives by the Prime Minister of India to encourage and support the people who are doing their higher education in the country only. Through this Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme 2018, many people who are unable to sponsor their Doctoral Research can actually, now complete it with the Financial help from the Central Government. All the eligible people throughout the country are applicable for this Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme. Furthermore, details about this Sarkari Yojana by the Central Government are available further in this article. Go through this to find out correct information. The Central Government of India is hoping that this Yojana will help all those talented and Young citizens of India to take up more industry-relevant research. Therefore, after checking the applications, every year, the Government is alloting the fellowships.

Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme

Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme 2018 Complete information | प्रधान मंत्री फैलोशिप योजना 2018

Scheme Name Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme 2018/  प्रधान मंत्री फैलोशिप योजना 2018
Launched by Central Government of India
Sponsered by Department of Science and Technology, Science & Engineering Research Board, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
Fellowship Amount Up to Rs.6,00,000
Maximum duration of Fellowship four years
Release of Fellowship amount to Research scholar From April of each year on a monthly basis

Consider in checking the above table. And it consists of all the information about the Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme 2018 For Doctoral Research. Go through the table. Now accordingly, the Central Government of India is implementing this Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme 2018 under the Pradhan Mantri Yojana. Therefore, all the eligible candidates across the country can apply after checking all the requirements carefully. And do not worry if you do not know about any details related to Yojana.

Go through this article, which is loaded with complete details regarding Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme 2018. Now, please consider the fact that the content on this page is only to refer. Consider in checking the official site for confirmation purposes. All the necessary measures are taken by the Government of India to distribute the Benefits for all the eligible people. So, Government of India along with the Department of Science and Technology, Science & Engineering Research Board are working with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). Now, they are all going to address the problem of the low number of Ph.D. in the country. So, through CII, government and SERB together are launching Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme. This is for the purpose of Doctoral Research. Now, through this Yojana, government every year is going to encourage 100 talented students in the country. Check this post further, to know more other eligibilities.

Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme 2018 – Double Scholarships For Ph.D. Students

The government of India mentions that those candidates who are applying for the Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme 2018 For Doctoral Research should get the No objection from the concerned Institution before applying. Another important thing is that the Doctoral Fellow should identify the industry Partner or Co-applicant, who is ready to support the research project financially. And also give Technical and intellectual support. Also, Central Government of India mentions that the areas of research should in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Agriculture or Medicine. Also, the topic of research should have practical relevance and industrial application. The selected doctoral fellow should be willing to work with/in the industry as and when required by the
industry partner during the project period.

Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme 2018 Selection Criteria

Now, the Government of India mentioned the Selection criteria for Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme 2018. Following steps will give you the idea regarding the Selection Criteria. Check them to know properly.

  • Accordingly, A high-level Apex Council consists of members from academia, industry, and the government will review the applications and select the candidates for the award of PM Fellowship 2018.
  • The Government of India mentions that the project should be innovative and of high scientific merit.
  • And should discrete with R&D as opposed to exploratory investigation.
  • Also, the research should have the potential to translate into a business opportunity and commercialization.
  • This will also base on the high credibility and capacity of the applicant along with the respective institution.
  • Also, the Central Government of India mentions that they will also consider the High degree of business interest, involvement, and collaboration of industry

Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme 2018 Funding

Now the Government of India mentions that they are going to fund the applicants as follows. Check the given points below to get an overall estimate.

  • Accordingly, more than 100 research projects will be supported.
  • And this will be done in every Financial Year.
  • Government mentions that the Fellowship amount will be around Rs.6,00,000 Per annum.
  • And this will be the maximum per each candidate.
  • Accordingly, 50% of this amount will come from SERB [being equivalent to the prevailing Government norms for JRF /SRF (inclusive of HRA)] of maximum Rs 3,00,000/- per annum and will be revised as per the JRF/SRF norms from time to time
  • And the remaining 50% amount should be from the Industry that the Applicant is collaborating with.
  • Central Government also mentions that the duration of the Fellowship can be maximum of 4 years.
  • And then the beneficiary will get the Ph.D. Degree.
  • Another important thing is, if the applicant get the fellowship, then the candidate will cease to
    receive any other scholarship/salary from any other organization which he/she may be receiving at

Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme 2018 For Doctoral Research | Double Scholarships

Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme 2018 For Doctoral Research is going to help many students in the country. This Yojana will also encourage to study Ph.d. These students will get double scholarships. And the maximum period for a student to get the Ph.D. in four years. Therefore, for this purpose, the applicants have to work on industry relevant projects. Accordingly, this is supporting all the interested Ph.D. Scholars. And the Government is giving a double scholarship. As per the information, the government is providing Up to Rs.6 Lakhs per annum. In which 50% will be given by the government. And the remaining balance will be sponsored by the industry for doing the research for four years. Along with the Research fellow will receive the Ph.D. degree by doing the Industrial Research. Go to the upcoming sections to find more information.

Accordingly, any candidate can register on the official portal of the PM Fellowship. And remember that they need to enroll or admitted to Ph.D. in last 14th months from the date of application. Also, this has to be done to accommodate the different universities and institute rules that may vary from 6 months to 14 months. This time is for the Final registration to Ph.D. from the time of initial admission. This also consists of the course works in the institutes for the two semesters. Also, the applicants must do their alliance with industry before they apply for the Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme 2018. One doctoral fellow and one industry will apply jointly to get the Fellowship. And remember that the Doctoral Fellow have to fill the application. Also, the Government of India strictly, mentions that the beneficiary should have enrolled for Ph.D. in at least last 14 months.

Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme Guidelines: Download

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