Kerala Kudumbashree Programme 2018 | Inclusion of 20 Programs for Women

Kerala Kudumbashree Programme

Kerala Kudumbashree Programme 2018

After the Budget 2018-19 in Kerala State, and mention of continuing the Kerala Kudumbashree Programme 2018 is grabbing the attention of many people. Now, many of the citizens are searching for the Kudumbashree HistoryKudumbashree in MalayalamKudumbashree and its functions, Kudumbashree activities. You can get all that details from this post. Kerala Kudumbashree Programme works on the Women Empowerment. And this Programme mainly works on the eradication of the Poverty. This is framed and enforced by the SPEM of the State Government of Kerala. And this Yojana is mainly working to reduce or to remove the poverty with the time constraint of 10 years. Central Government of India also supported the launch of this Programme. Also, this Kudumbashree Programme is following a different approach than the project method. And Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee back in 1998 inaugurated this Yojana. So, want more other details?

So, accordingly, Kerala Kudumbashree Programme 2018 is a community organization. And this by Neighborhood Groups (NHG’s) by Kerala Women. This is known for the good and effective strategy which is working for the empowerment of Women. And this will focus on both Rural and Urban areas in the Kerala State. Kerala Kudumbashree Programme is bringing all the women to a single stage, to fight for their rights and for their empowerment. The Kerala State Government is believing that overall Women Empowerment will help for the Economic Empowerment of the State. Accordingly, this will work on an entire range of issues such as Health, Nutrition, Employment Genera, Income generations, Agriculture and much more. This is surely a good Yojana by the Kerala State Government. And it is getting appreciation on continuing this Sarkari Yojana 2018. Also, the Government mentions to this additionally, they are adding other 20 programs to this Yojana.

Kerala Kudumbashree Programme

Kerala Kudumbashree Programme 2018 | കേരള കുടുംബശ്രീ പ്രോഗ്രാം 2018

Accordingly, the State Government of Kerala made an announcement that they continuing the Kerala Kudumbashree Programme 2018. Also, along with that additionally they are including other 20 programs into this Sarkari Yojana 2018. And all these will work for the Women welfare and benefits. All the women in the Kerala state from both rural and urban areas are going to get the benefits of this Kerala Kudumbashree Programme 2018. And the Kerala State Government also mentions that this is not just another programme that works on the poverty, this will give them right to raise voice against the deprivation of the basic rights. And the Government of Kerala also mentions that the State Poverty Eradication Mission (SPEM) is going to implement this Yojana. Also, the Government of Kerala is giving a separate budget for this Programme. Check further for more info.

Scheme Name Kerala Kudumbashree Programme 2018/  കേരള കുടുംബശ്രീ പ്രോഗ്രാം 2018
Launched by Kerala State Government
Benefits Empowerment and Removing Poverty
Beneficiaries Women in the Kerala State
Budget Rs.200 Crores
Additional info Grouping other 20 Programs into this Yojana

Now, if you want to find out about the complete basic details about the Kerala Kudumbashree Programme 2018, check the above-mentioned table. You will get an idea of this programme. Accordingly, the Government of Kerala is going to spend Rs.200 Crores for this Mission. And announced this in Kerala Budget 2018-19. Also, the list of 20 programs is released. And the Government of Kerala also mentioned that they are implementing this Yojana under Kerala Govt Schemes. And all the necessary measures, to implement this Sakari Yojana 2018 are done by the Government of Kerala. All the women in the Kerala state are going to get the benefits. Check further.

Kerala Kudumbashree Programme 2018 | Inclusion of 20 Programs for Women

Following are the list of 20 programs that are included in this Kerala Kudumbashree Programme 2018. Check them all. And remember all these Schemes will work with single agenda. That is for the Welfare and Development of the Women in the Kerala State. Check the list of all 20 programs:

  • Training Centers in All Districts
  • Agro Service Teams
  • Special Team For Well Recharge
  • Tribal Micro plan to All Districts
  • Setting Up of Micro Enterprise Parks
  • 200 New Buds School
  • 1000 Broiler Chicken Units
  • 500 Coir Defibering Units
  • 1000 New Geriatric Care Executives
  • Livelihood For Vulnerable Groups
  • Loans For Units in Crisis
  • 20 Memoirs on Kudumbashree
  • 14 Model Women Friendly Villages
  • Startup Village Entrepreneurship Program
  • Nano Markets For Products
  • Online Portal For Marketing
  • Technology Hub For Micro Enterprises
  • Chit Funds in Association with KSFE
  • Legal Clinics For Women In All Districts
  • 2018-19 will be the year for Neighbourhood Groups (NHGs)

Accordingly, the Kerala State Government is going to continue this Kudumbashree programme. And they want to concentrate more on the women development. For this purpose, they are working on including other 20 Programs into this Kerala Kudumbashree programme 2018. In Malayalam, Kudumbashree means “Prosperity for Family”. And this Programme will give some directions and guidelines for the remaining other programmes basing on the Government policies. Apparently, the Ministry of Rural Development (MORD) is recognizing Kudumbashree as the State Rural Livelihoods Mission (SRLM). And this is under the Central Government of India. National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) is also going to be part of this. Accordingly, the Kudumbashree Programme network by 15 March 2017 is 2,77,175 NHG Affiliated. And this is affiliated with 19,854 ADS and 1073 CDS with a total membership of 43,06,976. Check more other details of this Yojana.

Kerala Kudumbashree Programme 2018 Objectives

And the Government of Kerala also mentions that the membership for this programme is open to all the adult women. And is limited to only one member of the Family. Also, following are some of the points that will give you all the objective of this Yojana.

  • Identification of the Poor Families through the surveys.
  • And this through the active participation of the poor and the communities they belong to.
  • Also, empowering the poor women.
  • And also to improve their productivity and managerial capabilities.
  • This can be done by organizing them into Community Based organizations.
  • The government of Kerala State is also working on encouraging thrift and investment through Credit. And this is developing CDS to work as an informal bank for the poor people.
  • Working on improving the income of the poor by improving their skills and investments.
  • Through this, the Kerala State Government can generate Self Employment.
  • Also, to ensure better health and nutrition for all the poor people.
  • And the Government of Kerala is also ensuring basic amenities for the people from the rural and poor communities.

Kerala Kudumbashree Programme – Domains

Accordingly, there are three mains domains in this Kerala Kudumbashree Programme. And these are main objectives for Empowering Women. And eradicating poverty. Following are the strategies.

  • Women Empowerment: Programme to elimiate Violence on Women, Gender Self Learning Programme.
  • Economic Empowerment: Micro Enterprises, Market Development, Collectives and Consortiums,Value Chain Based Strategies,  Collective Farming, Micro-Finance, Livestock Farming.
  • Social Empowerment: Children’s Programmes, Rehabilitation of Mentally Challenged Persons, Destitute Identification, and Rehabilitation

Hope all the data given on this page about the Kerala Kudumbashree Programme 2018 is satisfactory. For more such information, check our site regularly. Also, Comment and tell us if you want to get details about any other Latest Sarkari Yojana. We would love to provide them for you.

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