Jharkhand Mukhbir Yojana 2018-2019 | Report Child Marriage & Get Rs. 1000 Award

Jharkhand Mukhbir Yojana

Jharkhand Mukhbir Yojana 2018-2019

So, the State Government of Jharkhand launched a new scheme. And the name of this Sarkari Yojana is Jharkhand Mukhbir Yojana 2018-2019. Through this Scheme, the Government is hoping to reduce the Child Marriages in the State. Therefore, for that purpose, the Jharkhand State Government asked it’s citizens to be the informant. And inform the Government about the Child Marriages. Well, the State Government of Jharkhand has decided to give the award to the informants. And an individual is going to receive Rs.1000 as the Award for being the informant of this Scheme. Well, for the proper launch of this Yojana, the Government is making all the arrangements. Well, they are prepping to give some budget for this Scheme too. And the State Government of Jharkhand is making sure for the proper implementation of this Yojana. If you want to find more then check further.

With the motive to stop the child marriages in the Jharkhand State, the government is launching this Jharkhand Mukhbir Yojana 2018-2019. And through this Sarkari Yojana, surely, many children are going to get the benefits. Well, the Government asked the citizens to be informants. So, that the Government can stop such marriages. As a return favor, the State Government of Jharkhand is willing to give some amount as the reward for the informant. Accordingly, an individual is going to receive Rs.1000, if they report the Child Marriage. Surely, this Jharkhand Mukhbir Yojana 2018-2019 is a good initiative by the Government of Jharkhand. Now, all those people, who want to know the details of this Scheme, should remember that total details given in this particular post, are just for the reference. You can always head to the official site, for more details about this Scheme. Well, this Yojana comes under the Jharkhand Govt Schemes.

Jharkhand Mukhbir Yojana

Mukhbir Yojana 2018-2019 in Jharkhand to Stop Child Marriages

We, all know one of the old practices in India is Child Marriages. And due to this Child Marriages, many lives are destroying. Therefore, to create an awareness and to help the People to eradicate this practice, the State Government of Jharkhand is launching the Mukhbir Yojana. And the main motive of this Scheme is to curb the Child marriages in the state. Well, through this Government Scheme, an individual who gives correct information about the Child Marriages or plan, the Officials are going to give that person an cash reward. And the Reward for becoming the spy for the Government is Rs.1,000. Apart from that, the State Government also announced that, if the Village panchayat is registered with no case of the Child Marriage in a single year, then they are going to Rs.50,000. We surely, say this is the best implementation by the Government of Jharkhand.

Scheme Name Jharkhand Mukhbir Yojana 2018-2019 / झारखंड मुखबीर योजना
Launched By State Government of Jharkhand
Benefits Eradicating Child Marriages
Beneficiaries All People and Children
The reward for the informant Rs.1000
The reward for the village Panchayat Rs.50,000
Helpline Service Number 104

Here we tried to provide the complete information about Jharkhand Mukhbir Yojana 2018-2019 in the form of the table. And by checking it, an individual can get the idea about the scheme. Therefore, all those people who are willing to find the information about this Sarkari Yojana, can go ahead and find it in this post. Now, the table covers information such as the Scheme name and the Government name. Along with all these, an individual can also find the data such as the Benefits that Government is providing along with the Beneficiaries mention too. And you will also find the Helpline number along with the Reward amount too.

Report Child Marriage & Get Rs. 1000 Award – Mukhbir Scheme

Well, to reduce and Stop Child Marriages in the Jharkhand State, the Government of Jharkhand is willing to roll out this new scheme. And the Yojana name is Mukjbir Scheme. Well, all the people in the Jharkhand are eligible, to get the benefits of this Sarkari Yojana. Well, all you have to do is become a spy for the State Government. And you should inform the plans and Child Marriages in the State. Thus, you will get a Reward in the form of Cash from the Government. And Rs.1000 is the Reward cash you are going to get for giving the information. Well, the Department of Health and Family Welfare already gave the proposal to the Central Government of India. And when the Government of India give nod for this Jharkhand Mukhbir Yojana 2018-2019, the State Government is going to launch this Yojana.

झारखंड राज्य में बाल विवाह को रोकने के उद्देश्य से, सरकार इस झारखंड मुखर्जी योजना 2018-2019 लॉन्च कर रही है। और इस सरकारी योजना के माध्यम से, निश्चित रूप से, कई बच्चों को लाभ मिलेंगे। खैर, सरकार ने नागरिकों से सूचनार्थियों से पूछा। इसलिए, सरकार इस तरह के विवाह को रोक सकती है। रिटर्न पक्ष के रूप में, झारखंड राज्य सरकार सूचनार्थियों के लिए इनाम के रूप में कुछ राशि देने को तैयार है। तदनुसार, यदि वे बाल विवाह की रिपोर्ट करते हैं, तो एक व्यक्ति को 1000 रुपये प्राप्त होंगे। निश्चित रूप से, झारखंड सरकार द्वारा झारखंड मुखर्जी योजना 2018-2019 एक अच्छी पहल है। अब, वे सभी लोग, जो इस योजना के विवरण जानना चाहते हैं, को याद रखना चाहिए कि इस विशेष पद में दिए गए कुल विवरण केवल संदर्भ के लिए हैं। इस योजना के बारे में अधिक जानकारी के लिए आप हमेशा आधिकारिक साइट पर जा सकते हैं। खैर, यह योजना झारखंड सरकार योजनाओं के अंतर्गत आती है।

Jharkhand Mukhbir Yojana 2018-2019 – झारखंड मुखबीर योजना

So, the State Government of Jharkhand is implementing the Jharkhand Mukhbir Yojana 2018-2019. Through this Yojana, the Jharkhand Government is hoping to stop Child Marriages in the State. And they are even willing to provide the necessary counseling to the Children too. Well, the Sahiyas are going to track, identify and counsel the minor Couples. The Jharkhand State Government also mention that they are providing the necessary training for the Sahiyas.

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