Jharkhand Gyanodaya Scheme | Free Tablet Scheme for Teachers

Jharkhand Gyanodaya Scheme

Jharkhand Gyanodaya Scheme

Jharkhand Gyanodaya Scheme launched by Government of Jharkhand Under Jharkandh Govt Schemes. Through this scheme, the government is planning to give out tablets for teachers. According to the survey, there are approximately 40 Thousand schools through the state. Check this post further to get complete details about this Jharkhand Gyanodaya Scheme. The Cheif Minister of Jharkhand introduces this scheme in the event of Teachers’ Association of Honor organized at the Panabhatta Stadium.

So under this Jharkhand Gyanodaya Scheme, each teacher will get a Tablet. Through this, they can carry out their work online at anywhere and anytime. Along with the distribution of Free Tablet PC for teachers, the government also thinks to handout some facilities such as internet services to collect teaching materials. Another advantage is that the teachers can even carry total materials in digital form. Hence, they can get relieved from the burden of carrying any books with them. To know more data about this Sakari Yojana check this post completely.

Jharkhand Gyanodaya Scheme

Jharkhand Gyanodaya Scheme | Free Tablet Scheme for Teachers

The Main objective of this Jharkhand Gyanodaya Scheme, to provide Free Tablets for all the Teachers in the Jharkhand state. Through this scheme, teachers can also monitor the performance of student which will be very easy. And also the Government is aiming to help and improve the standards of Teaching for students. Thus more achievement and progress in the students will possible. And also if a teacher is in connection with a student, it will surely help both of them to increase their interaction.

Scheme Name Gyanodaya Scheme
Announced by Cheif Minister of Jharkhand
Implementation by NITI aayog
Beneficiaries Teachers
Benefits Digitalization, Free Tablet PC

Jharkhand Gyanodaya Scheme has another advantage, that is government can gain digitalization in state education sectors. And through this Government can even maintain the numbers of activities correctly. However, the list includes Drop out Number, Teacher absenteeism, education quality in school premises and infrastructure. This will ensure not to disturb the normal functioning of the schools. Through this Jharkhand Gyanodaya Scheme, surveillance team is also planning to monitor the Mid-day meal programme.

Free Tablet Scheme for Teachers Under Jharkhand Gyanodaya Scheme

And under the Jharkhand Gyanodaya Scheme, Government is planning to deal with all school issues via tablet. Also, the management of the school and education department can even conduct teacher training programs for teachers. Through this scheme, will also help in improving new learning system along with e-Learning programs. Jharkhand Cabinet approves this Jharkhand Gyanodaya Scheme with approximately 63 Crores. This will surely make the teachers good learners. Benefits avail through are useful for all teachers to learn new things from using different sources.

Brief Details of Jharkhand Gyanodaya Scheme

  • State Government want to provide facilities for all the teachers in Jharkhand state.
  • Hence, Government of Jharkhand is planning to distribute Tablets for all the teachers.
  • Using which the teachers can gather more materials to teach well.
  • And also they can work from any source. Therefore, they can maintain interaction with students.
  • They can carry Digital information rather than carrying books.
  • Student Performance can be monitored.
  • This will connect both Students and teachers online.
  • This scheme will ensure digitalization.
  • Details like Drop out Number, Teacher absenteeism, Education Quality, infrastructure within school surroundings.
  • School-related issues like Mid-day meal programme will also under surveillance.
  • Through this Jharkhand Gyanodaya Scheme, education department or School officials can train teachers with different online programs.
  • This scheme will surely improve the learning system.

To develop the school Education quality, Government along with NITI aayog plans this yojana. Through this, the Performance of the school management can be measured. Activities like e-Vidyavahini, e-mid-day meals, and teachers’ English training programs are checked. Hope the data is enough for all of you. Check for our site sarkariyojanlist.com.

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