Gujarat Seva Setu Program 2018-2019 | Second Phase Resolution of Village Issues

Gujarat Seva Setu Program

Gujarat Seva Setu Program 2018-2019

Gujarat Seva Setu Program 2018-2019 Second Phase is started by the Government of Gujarat. And through this Yojana. The Gujarat Government is taking forward the Resolution of the Village Issues. And through this Scheme, many people are going to get the benefits of this Government Scheme. So, Gujarat Government clearly mentioned the motive of this Yojana. Through this Gujarat Seva Setu Scheme, the State Government Gujarat is willing to help the rural people. And this is by giving the assistance to them to resolve their issues. And the Government is hoping that this scheme will help to make the development faster in the rural areas. Now, back in days, the Gujarat Government implemented this Gujarat Seva Setu Program 1st Phase. And it is successful. And many villages got benefited from this Scheme. Now, with the same objective, the Government launched this Scheme again. Check Further.

Now, on 13th June 2018, the Gujarat Government Launched the Second Phase of the Gujarat Seva Setu Program 2018-2019. And through this Scheme, the Government of Gujarat State is willing to help the Villages around the State again like the 1st phase. Now, all the Village in the Gujarat State is eligible, to get the help from the Gujarat State Government. Along with the Gujarat Seva Setu, the State Government of Gujarat is even launching the Pragati Setu. And they are working to make these Schemes and Programs more successful. So, that all the people will get the benefits equally. Remember that only those villages and Rural Areas in Gujarat are eligible, to get the benefits of this Yojana. Now, all the people should remember that the total information we are providing in this post, is just for the reference. Check the official site of the Government for more details.

Gujarat Seva Setu Program

Gujarat Seva Setu Scheme 2018-2019 Second Phase | गुजरात सेवा सेतु कार्यक्रम

So, here in this post, we are providing the complete information about the Gujarat Seva Setu Program 2018-2019. And the details consisted of this post is for the Second phase. Therefore, all those people, who want to find the details of that Scheme, can actually, go through this complete post. So, apparently, the Gujarat State Government is implementing this Government Scheme under the Gujarat Govt Schemes. Now, on the 13th June 2018, the Chief Minister of Gujarat launched this Gujarat Seva Setu Program 2018. Now, the State Government along with this scheme is willing to implement another scheme too. Both of these Schemes are working for the Common people. And that too for those who are from the Rural Areas. Seva Setu and Pragati Setu are the names of the Schemes, that the Gujarat Government Launched. These are going to help many people in the State

Scheme Name Gujarat Seva Setu Scheme 2018-2019/  गुजरात सेवा सेतु कार्यक्रम
Launched By State Government of Gujarat
Benefits Resolution for the Problems
Beneficiaries All the Rural people
Phase II
Launched On 13th June 2018
Official Website

So, many of you might be looking to get details about this Sarkari Yojana. Well, here in this post, we are providing the Gujarat Seva Setu Program 2018-2019 Details. Therefore all those people who are looking forward to getting details can check the above table. So, that you can have an overall idea. Well, the people can check the information such as the Name of the Scheme along with the Government Name that launched this Sarkari Yojana. And you will also find the mention of the Benefits of this Scheme along with who exactly is termed as beneficiaries of this Government Scheme. We also made sure to include the launching date and official site too.

Second Phase Resolution of Village Issues through Gujarat Seva Setu Program & Pragati Setu Program

And the Gujarat State Government is making all the arrangements for the continuation of this Yojana. So, the Gujarat State Government is launching two government schemes or we can call them as programs too. Well, Seva Setu and Pragati Setu are the names of these Programs. Now, the Government is launching the Second Phase of it. So, these Programs are going to work on providing the Resolutions for Various Issues at Village level. And these are going to spare them from going to the Taluka Office or the District Headquarter. Now, this is going to be a lot helpful. Because, many of the issues will be resolved immediately, without wasting much time. So, apparently, the Prant Officer of that Taluka will arrange a minimum of 2 camps. And this will be done on the monthly basis. For this purpose, the officials will gather Surrounding 8 to 10 villages.

तो, यहां इस पोस्ट में, हम गुजरात सेवा सेतु कार्यक्रम 2018-2019 के बारे में पूरी जानकारी प्रदान कर रहे हैं। और इस पद से जुड़े विवरण दूसरे चरण के लिए हैं। इसलिए, वे सभी लोग, जो उस योजना का ब्योरा ढूंढना चाहते हैं, वास्तव में, इस पूरी पोस्ट के माध्यम से जा सकते हैं। तो जाहिर है, गुजरात राज्य सरकार गुजरात सरकार योजनाओं के तहत इस सरकारी योजना को कार्यान्वित कर रही है। अब, 13 जून 2018 को गुजरात के मुख्यमंत्री ने गुजरात सेवा सेतु कार्यक्रम 2018 लॉन्च किया था। अब, इस योजना के साथ राज्य सरकार भी एक और योजना लागू करने के इच्छुक है। इन दोनों योजनाएं आम लोगों के लिए काम कर रही हैं। और वह भी उन लोगों के लिए जो ग्रामीण क्षेत्रों से हैं। सेवा सेतु और प्रगति सेतु योजनाओं के नाम हैं, जिन्हें गुजरात सरकार ने लॉन्च किया था। ये राज्य में कई लोगों की मदद करने जा रहे हैं।

Gujarat Seva Setu Program Services

Now, the officials of that taluka are going to organize Minimum of 2 camps. And Prant Officer is going to form a group with the people from 8 to 10 villages. Then a Committee which consists of 13 officers will come to the Camp. And on the spot they are going to provide the services. Well, this includes the caste certificate, Aadhar card, ration card, land survey, income certificate, to make the new entry, widow assistance, Mukhyamantri Amrutam card, and MA Vatsalya card, creamy-layer certificate, etc..,

Hope the total information we listed on this particular post about the Gujarat Seva Setu Program 2018-2019 is helpful. Check more such informative articles, by checking our site more often. On our particular site, an individual can find information about List of all Sarkari Yojana. Therefore, check us regularly.

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